4.48 Psychosis

by Sarah Kane

Princeton University Program in Theatre and Dance

Matthews Acting Studio

Princeton, NJ

December 2004

direction: Joseph Cermatori

dramaturgy: Zachary Woolfe

scenic: Jeremy Doucette

costume: Cathy Cann

lighting: Christopher Gorzelnik

sound/composition: Khalil Sullivan

production photography: Nora Gross


Sarah Kane's last work, 4.48 Psychosis, is a performative chronicle of the despair that led to her suicide in 1999. This production staged Kane's poetic drama with three performers trapped within a blank and seemingly exitless environment reminiscent of numerous modern observational spaces: the clinic, the asylum, the focus group chamber, the interrogation cell. Spectators were seated around the perimeter of this cubelike installation, separated from one another in individual peepshow booths, and hidden from the performers by a shield of two-way mirror. The arrangements of space were not disclosed to the general public beforehand. This project was the first production of Kane's play to be attempted by an American cast and creative team.

"This is theatre where you're afraid to swallow for fear of breaking silences. Emotionally and intellectually challenging.... [t]his production is completely engaging.... If you have got a ticket, you lucky, lucky thing, prepare to change the way you are." - The Daily Princetonian