A Streetcar Named Desire

by Tennessee Williams

The Gate Theatre

Dublin, Ireland

July 2013

direction: Ethan McSweeny

scenic: Lee Savage

costume: Joan O'Clery

lighting: Paul Keogan

sound and composition: Denis Clohessy

production photography:  Peter Rowen

The Guardian review

by Helen Meany

...Lee Savage's design gives an exposed view of the Kowalski's two-room apartment in 1940s New Orleans, while Paul Keogan's lighting moves through rich crimson and purple tones. Scene changes are marked by live clarinet and snatches of blues songs, creating a heightened Deep South of the mind. This is the habitat of the exotic Blanche, clinging to illusions and shielding her face from the light, while Stanley is determined to expose her as a fantasist and a liar. Garrett Lombard's restrained Stanley plays down machismo in favour of sarcasm, which makes his outbursts of violence all the more shocking. Denis Conway brings dignity to Blanche's usually pathetic would-be beau, Mitch; his moments with her reveal the one thing these two have in common: loneliness. Read More