Salon #49: Breaking Down Class in Theater


Class is a major force in theater and the arts. Why do we consistently avoid discussing socioeconomic factors in our public forums and with our peers  -  how much money we’re making for the work that we’re doing?; our socioeconomic backgrounds; the access points and unconscious biases in arts education. Where does this stigma come from?

Join Wingspace and XO Projects for a discussion that confronts and unpacks this critical issue of the variety of ways class impacts theater. From access, to training, to hiring, to audiences, to artmaking. Our panel includes: Katie Christie (Director of Teaching and Learning, Roundabout Theatre Company), John Rankin (Associate Managing Director, Castillo Theatre/All Stars Project), Porsche McGovern, and Kirya Traber (Writer, Performer, Cultural worker). Facilitated by Kate Freer (Projection Designer).

Monday, December 10th 7-9pm

The Old American Can Factory
232 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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