Salon #50: Trans/GNC Representation in the Performing Arts

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Wingspace and XO Projects host a conversation on Trans/GNC representation in the performing arts. Trans/GNC artists are an important part of our community. What can we do as allies to support their presence and create more inclusive spaces?

Join Trans/GNC artists as they discuss their experiences creating work and navigating the theater industry. A conversation between Abraham Marlett (stage manager), Daniel Tyler Mathews (designer), Jax Jackson (performer), Azure D. Osborne-Lee (playwright), Sulu LeoNimm (administrator) L Morgan Lee (photographer/actress) and Regina Victor (multi-disciplinary artist/producer).

Facilitated by Calvin Anderson and Melissa Ng.

Monday, February 25th 7-9pm

The Old American Can Factory
232 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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