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contact info:

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Lex Liang

Costume & Scenic Design

Born in California and trained at NYU, Lex has spent the last decade building an exciting career as a designer, stylist, producer, and project manager in nearly every branch of the creative world. He’s an event producer and production designer, an interior stylist and a costume designer of the highest order. A production designer with an extensive background in theatrical scenic and costume design, Lex decided to use those skills and team up with others to take on projects of a different flavor. It wasn’t long before his theatrical work was joined by interior design work, then followed by event design and production work, creating a massive taste explosion that he can’t get enough of. As founder and principal of LDC Design Associates, Lex is able to quell his creative ADD by tending to multiple different projects in various mediums, while infusing them all with finely-tuned artistry and deft craftsmanship. A multiple award-winning designer, he has been written up in most major publications from The New York Times to The LA Times, The Bangor Daily News to The Atlanta Journal Constitution. Lex is a professional problem-solver who is often designing and managing several projects across multiple state lines (he’s also a master navigator of a harrowing travel schedule), so he likes to relax by taking fast walks through crowded NYC streets whilst drinking (spiked) lemonade. He also enjoys puppies, and playing his favorite sport, “how quickly can I get through airport security.”