Seventy Scenes of Halloween

by Jeffrey Jones

sponsored by The Friends and Enemies of Modern Theater

Vaudeville Park

Brooklyn, NY

October 2012

direction: Joseph Cermatori

scenic: Deb O and Jiyoun Chang

costume: Deb O

lighting: Jiyoun Chang

sound: Ryan Homsey

production photography: Alyssa Blumstein

producer: Tommy Russell


It’s Halloween night, and Jeff and Joan are a pair of thirty-somethings whose relationship is hitting the skids in the suburbs. Bizarre objects keep appearing on their front porch, and strangers in makeshift costumes are loitering ominously outside their home.  Careening through seventy comic and disturbing scenes, the Theater Frenemies unfold an uncanny world of tricks, treats, and other theatrical wonders—one that’s equal parts pagan ritual, horror film, love story, hipster Halloween party, and investigation into America’s bougie-bohemian unconscious. 

Audience members were encouraged to attend in costumes and were treated to Halloween candy.