The Seven Deadly Sins

Die Sieben Todsünden

Music by Kurt Weill, Libretto by Bertolt Brecht

English translation by W. H. Auden and Chester Kallman

Yale Cabaret

New Haven, CT

April 2007

conductor: Steven Gearhart

direction: Joseph Cermatori

choreography: Tiffany Stewart

dramaturgy: Matthew Cornish

scenic: Michael Locher and Paul Gelinas

costume: Melissa Trn

lighting: Jiyoun Chang

sound: Jana Hoglund

production photography: Erik Pearson and Paul Gelinas

banjo/percussion: Greg Hennigan

piano: Daniel Schlosberg


A post-Weimar allegory in song and dance, The Seven Deadly Sins is the tale of two sisters, both performers and both named Anna, who may in fact be one person. Over seven years of travelling through seven different American cities, they encounter seven sins that demonstrate the corruptibility of the individual under capaitalist conditions. This production made use of the Yale Cabaret space to magnify Brecht and Weill's nightmarish ride through the underground world of nightclub entertainment. It unfolded in a series of tableaux that sought to inspire discussion (Lehrstück-style) on the dehumanizing conditions under which artists labor.

"Intimate, physical theater.... It’s dark, moody and sexy.... Less a cabaret routine [and] more like a dance of death. At the same time as it is beautiful and startling as entertainment." - The Yale Daily News