Triassic Parq


by Marshall Pailet, Steve Wargo, and Bryce Norbitz

Soho Playhouse

New York, NY


June 2012

direction: Marshall Pailet

choreography: Kyle Mullins

scenic: Caite Hevner

costume: Dina Perez

lighting: Jen Schriever

sound: Carl Casella and Chris Cronin


AP Review:

by Jennifer Farrar

Pre-history would sound very different if dinosaurs could tell their own stories. Especially if they were raucously singing and dancing while dealing with identity crises and gender morphing and sudden doubts about the belief system that has always ruled their lives. A troupe of leaping, singing dinosaurs are the true rock stars of the deeply funny "Triassic Parq, The Musical." Read More

Theater Mania Review:

by Andy Propst

Musicals don't get much goofier than Triassic Parq The Musical, now playing at SoHo Playhouse, the fitfully amusing show about what might prompt genetically engineered dinosaurs (which are part of an island similar to the one in Jurassic Park) to run amok on a carnage-filled spree. [...] Caite Hevner's exceptional environmental scenic design, Dina Perez's consistently witty costumes, and Jen Schriever's eye-popping lighting design come together to often turn Triassic Parq into a guilty summertime pleasure. Read More

Show Business Weekly:

by Sarah Lucie

Amidst the chaos, comedy reigns. Marshall Pailet, Bryce Norbitz and Stephen Wargo have created a medley of wild ideas, styles, puns, and extended gags that together create a rollicking good time. In fact, entering the theater feels like entering an amusement park ride, thanks to the set design of Caite Hevner and sound design of Carl Casella and Christopher Cronin.  Read More

Time Out New York:

Broad, sassy, jammed with jokes and acted with campy abandon, Triassic Parq will leave you higher than a flock of pterodactyls. Read More