Salon #51: Self Care=Self Love Workshop


Join Wingspace, XO Projects and Advancing Arts Forward for an opportunity for you to intentionally engage in a deep self-assessment and create a plan for your self care with community of other theatre designers, directors, and dramaturgs . (Spoiler: self care is actually self love.)

We will go through eight different areas of self care and what that may mean to you, including: psychological/mental, physical, sexual, emotional/relationships, workplace, spiritual, home life, and financial self care. We will be naming different ways in which you can personally address each area and which ones will be right for you. You will leave this workshop with a personalized plan for your own self care.

One of the most important ways in which we, living in an oppressive society, can dismantle the societal systems of oppression and thrive beyond only working to survive, is to take care of ourselves. In a world where the people in power benefit off of us not taking care of ourselves, doing so is a revolutionary act. It's an act of rebellion through self love. This workshop addresses self care and self love in a deep, truthful and active way. This will be a decolonized and liberated space.

Facilitator Bio:

Viviana Vargas (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist, activist and facilitator. They are passionate about changing the world by working with others to create liberated spaces that uplift marginalized voices, experiences, and storytelling. They run Advancing Arts Forward, a movement to advance equity, inclusion, and social justice through the arts by uplifting, healing, and encouraging artists/activists to explore their potential to thrive. Personally, Viviana works through artistic mediums including poetry, photography, illustration, theatre, film, and more. They are hold academic degrees (MFA, Performing Arts Management from Brooklyn College and BFA, Theatre Arts from Boston University), but more greatly value learning from being a part of community programs including the Carribean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute’s Innovative Cultural Advocacy Fellowship and artEquity’s National Facilitator Training.

Sunday, September 15th 3-5pm

$15 - $35 Sliding Scale*

*Sliding Scale: meaning based on your ability to pay. No one will be turned away due to lack of access to funds.

The Old American Can Factory
232 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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